Year Round Up: 2020

by Camilla Petersen

2020 Year Round-Up

This year has without a doubt been a special and unforgettable year, which in itself has posed a lot of challenges both for individuals and for companies alike. Being aware and recognising the seriousness of this as well as the impact it has had on us all, is a given.

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy as we go towards the end of this year.

However, in order for us to end on a high note, we choose to keep things on the positive side in this round up, and share the biggest highlights from our 2020:

Product Developments




Our has undergone multiple upgrades this year:


Anonymised Reporting

This feature was launched to enable 100% anonymous reporting when needed, and in order to avoid retaliation and the blame game towards reporters.

Signature Questions

This feature makes it possible to sign-off on reports when needed. It was implemented to make the documentation on such things are key receipts, product returns, claims and complaints possible in

Whistleblowing Channel

As the new EU directive on whistleblowing will kick-in at the end of 2021, we have expanded’s use to fit the directive. In that way our customers wouldn’t need to get a new platform for whistleblowing, and can continue to manage all their incident reports in The channel is of course 100% anonymous so that the whistleblower’s identity remains hidden.

Linked Observations

We made it possible to link observations together in This is especially useful when one or more observations relating similar events are reported. The investigator of the incidents can then easily link all of these reports together and have a more straightforward workflow around them.

Form Builder

We launched the form builder to enable admins to customise and build their own incident reporting forms in

Free COVID-19 Module

From April, we started offering a free COVID-19 reporting module in We did this in order to help our customers and other companies alike to combat and be on top of the virus in their businesses.

Location Type Question

It also became possible to add location type questions in incident reporting forms. This automises the location of a user to be inserted directly in an incident report, so that the user doesn’t have to remember to update the location when reporting.

New Content




We made a few updates to our website and blog during this year:


On the website we added new content about use-cases for our tools, and added more content about different industries that we service. 

See more.

Case Studies

In addition to the new content regarding industries and use-cases, we also added new case studies to the website. 

Check them here.


We also published quite a few new blog posts on different topics from Whistleblowing, to product updates, incident reporting, and property management.  

We also introduced a couple of new guest blogs: one from Miikka Karimo, an experienced Corporate security, risk management and investigation professional on Whistleblowing. And another from Erik Engstand, who is an authority in risk management, COVID-19 Compliance and security management for retail, shopping centres and real estate, on Risk Management

Read these and the other new blog posts here.


Our Team and Company



We have been more or less working fully remotely since March, and have still managed to find the right balance in which we stay productive and keep spirits high. 

Our team, furthermore, grew this year with 1 new member; our Customer Success Specialist, Kasper Lönnqvist.

Due to the COVID-19 situation Kasper was onboarded remotely. You can read more about that in the feature we made on his process.

We also celebrated several work anniversaries this year. Many of these are covered on our official Instagram profile.


2021, we are ready!



We close this year, giving thanks to all our customers, all who are receiving this newsletter, and our team. 

We hope you all stay safe and healthy where you are. 

Happy holidays, and see you again in the new year! 

Best Regards, 

The Plan Brothers Team

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2020 Year Round-Up

Camilla Petersen

Country Manager, Denmark