Why Shopping Centres Should Turn To Fully Mobile Reporting

With internet access and mobile device use continuously on the rise, it makes sense for shopping centres to also move towards adopting fully mobile reporting systems. While many companies have improved the systems they use, many have not fully utilised the benefits of mobile reporting. 

It is common for many to use a combination of telephonic, email-based, and ticket-logging systems that are all separate. Having multiple communication channels means that communication may not be as efficient as it could be.

The Benefits of Mobile Reporting For Shopping Centres


The goal for any retail space owner would be for their tenants to be happy and for the businesses occupying the space to be successful. Successful businesses mean tenants are more likely to stay, which guarantees rental income. This leaves us with the question of how to achieve this.

Reduces issue repair times


Building maintenance is integral in maintaining a shopping centre. If things aren’t running smoothly, both tenants and customers will experience frustrations. By having a solid shopping centre reporting system, you can deal with problems more effectively and efficiently. 

It is important to deal with issues sooner rather than later so that they do not develop into bigger, more expensive problems. Regular inspections may be tedious to schedule and conduct. This is even without considering the issues around interpersonal contact in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being such busy places, shopping centre reporting systems can easily become overwhelmed. By using a system that is both easy-to-use and allows for multiple groups of people to collaborate, this no longer needs to be an issue. With agile mobile reporting tools in place, staff can quickly alert stakeholders to problems, which are then resolved more efficiently.

Improves communication


Phone calls may be time-consuming as describing a problem with no visual cues to someone who is not an expert is difficult. Email threads are easily forgotten or missed and can become numerous if many tenants are experiencing the same problem. 

Therefore, one shopping centre reporting channel would be ideal. This decreases the number of places where communication can break down. One platform where information can be captured, communicated and analysed is a dream come true for property managers. 

It is never ideal to be working on legacy desktop computer systems even if they were made well and still technically function. They can be slow, cumbersome and require more effort on the part of administration staff. 

Interactive, community-based shopping centre reporting software works better and enhances shopping mall management. And how do we know this? Well see how it benefits two of Finland’s biggest shopping centres: Sello and Itis.


Better tenant experience


In the same way office spaces can boost employee retention if they are well-maintained and modern, so can shopping centres. We know that it is costly to acquire new tenants and so it is important to invest in retaining the ones you have. 

One way to do this is through maintaining the space and limiting the issues that tenants have. Another is to make sure that they feel heard. 

Including tenants in the reporting process means that you can complete maintenance and resolve issues faster. When tenants report issues and you act on them efficiently, you tenants will feel supported. Happy tenants will be easier to work with and will be more engaged in reporting.

This ultimately leads to a better shopping centre environment for all. 


Final Thoughts


Finding an optimal shopping centre reporting system directly saves you money by fixing smaller issues before they worsen. It also serves to maintain tenant satisfaction, which increases tenant retention and leads to a better bottom line. A beautiful and well-functioning shopping centre will also ensure that visitors and tenants have an excellent customer experience. It’s win-win!

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