How Tenants' Wellbeing Expectations Impact Property Management

When you’re a property manager or landlord, the needs, wants, and expectations of your tenants matter the most. You need to understand what tenants need from your property, what they want from their experience with you and if they have any other expectations that may affect their well-being. Catering to these three areas of tenant experience will affect your property management as a whole.

Let’s have a look at our list of 4 important tenant wellbeing expectations and factors you should consider when thinking about strategic property management.

1. Clear & Consistent Communication


Communication is the foundation of the tenant-property manager relationship. You need to establish clear communication channels that are easily accessible and provide the relevant information in a timely manner. These channels also need to act as a space where tenants can let you know about any issues or inform you about anything they might wish to speak about. 

Communication about important safety measures and changes is also important. For example, as a landlord, it is your responsibility to inform tenants about COVID-19 safety measures for your building. They expect you to keep them informed about anything that could affect them and their well-being. 

Keeping all this and scalability in mind, a mobile friendly tenant communication platform is a fantastic option.


2. Regular Building Maintenance


Tenant wellbeing is heavily linked to the condition of their building and the functionality of its systems. If and when things break down in the building, this leaves tenants frustrated, anxious, and even panicked. 

Track issues reported and complete inspections on an auditing platform. Use the information you have to guide you on when to schedule maintenance services and inspections. You shouldn’t only wait for something to get damaged before doing so, though. So be proactive and make sure there is regular building maintenance to ensure tenant wellbeing.


3. Modern & Tech-Conscious Experiences


The expectations of tenants are no different to the ones we have in our private lives. We want clarity and things that are accessible for us wherever we are. In  other words, tenants today expect modern and tech-savvy management for their well-being. As a property manager, you can achieve this by improving your building maintenance procedures using technological solutions, such as a mobile reporting and communication platform.

Combining the platform with PropTech advancements like the IoT, cloud computing will make your management and tenant connectivity even more efficient.


4. Sustainable & Green Facilities


For many tenants, environmental consciousness connects with their tenant wellbeing. Developing facilities with green features and having a sustainable and clean property policy meets tenant wellbeing expectations around sustainable business. 

These expectations have a direct bearing on your business image and reputation. In turn, this can influence tenant attraction and retention.


Final Thoughts


Building a wholesome and wonderful tenant experience takes consistent work, awareness, dedication and the correct tools. You have to understand your tenants’ wellbeing expectations, their needs and their wants. To understand the modern tenant, you need to understand the behaviours of the modern consumer. They like convenience, accessibility, and being in the know about anything that affects them. 

By improving your communication, building maintenance, use of technology, and green and sustainable practice, you are showing your tenants that their satisfaction and safety matters the most!

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Arttu Vesterinen

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