How to Modernise Planned Maintenance Management and Streamline Operations Simultaneously?

We all know intuitively that the work needed to clear the mess after a big you-know-what hits the fan is greater (and smellier), than taking a few preventative actions before the situation is covering the walls.

If your company has outsourced the facilities management, you’ll obviously not be as covered in manure as they are, but chances are you still might sense the smell. If you have an internal team, you’re definitely going to feel the stench. But if you’re in charge of the actual mess and getting it cleared, I’m sorry for you.

Be you in one scenario or the other, you could have prevented being in the mess by being proactive about it.

To be just that, you need knowledge about the current state of affairs, and a process to track actions and incidents. Then you have to take action accordingly. By doing just this, you will save a lot of time, money, and hassle!

Now we know proactive is better than reactive, now a few words on streamlining the process.

If you don’t have anything in place, the easiest way is to have and maintain a master excel. But you probably already have an excel, and a maintenance management software in place, right? 



What you need now is a seamless and easy way to get the data from the assessors, maintenance guys and plumbers into your systems without anything dropping through because of human error (like one of our solutions or

What you’ll get is a clearer visibility into the status of your facilities. Which you might already have a good gut feeling about, but now you have data to prove your point. Also, from the company’s viewpoint, ensuring continuity and hedging against worst case scenarios makes sense.

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