Why Quality Assessments are important for shopping centres?

Shopping centres are hubs of community and social interactions. They are touchpoints for diverse customer experiences. 

For property owners and managers, these centres form part of their facility or property portfolio. As such, they require proper facility management and quality assessments are a must here. They are essential for quality maintenance, property longevity and better customer experiences. We have collected 4 essential reasons why quality assessments are important for shopping centres.

1. Keeping Up With Maintenance


Quality assessments are the examination and reporting of a building’s condition. They also include the examination of systems within the building. These systems can include things like: 

  • restroom maintenance
  • lighting and lighting fixtures
  • electrical connections
  • escalators and lifts
  • storage spaces
  • air conditioning
  • sanitation, and more

Through these inspections, shopping centre managers and facility managers can learn more about the issues that exist within the centre. This enables them to better address issues when they arise and thus protect their assets. 

Knowing the active problems with a centre allows managers to ensure suitable maintenance. They can nip issues in the bud before they escalate. By doing so, they can maintain high-standard facilities.


2. Improves Customer Experience


Maintaining high-quality facilities has a direct impact on your visitor and customer loyalty. With shopping centres, customer experiences are two-fold. First, you need to consider the sales experience of the tenants who rent out space for their businesses in your shopping centre. Then, you also need to cater to the shoppers who visit these businesses. 

The smooth-running of facilities affects the former’s ability to make sales and the latter’s shopping experience. You want to ensure that both groups have a positive experience as this improves retention.


3. Enhances Your Reputation


Running a high-quality shopping facility has a positive impact on your brand reputation. Customers and clients will share their experience at your facility with others. Provide the best service and you can reap the rewards of good reviews!


4. Track Performance For Continuous Improvement


Your quality assessments can work hand-in-hand with other maintenance tools. These include things like customer feedback and employee incident reports and safety observations. 

Set up channels for facility staff to submit reports when there are problems. Be sure to educate them on how the reporting process works so that they feel comfortable and confident in reporting incidents. 

You also need to have accessible customer feedback systems in place. With this, you need to inform your staff on how to deal with feedback and complaints timeously and appropriately. 

Using a mobile quality management platform enables you to track the results of assessments and make sure issues are addressed. You can also set up and monitor continuous maintenance goals and KPIs for quicker, more efficient improvements.


Final Thoughts


Shopping centres are large property investments with a range of costs and systems involved in making them run smoothly. This makes regular and good quality assessments vital for ensuring that all corners of the facility are well-maintained. 

While this may sound like a huge undertaking, you don’t have to do it alone! Partner with a software provider who can help you with the most ideal facility and quality management solution. 

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