Why Quality Assessments Are A Necessity In Facility Management?

A quality assessment in facility management is the examination and report observing the building condition of a facility. It involves the inspection of the building’s infrastructure and apparatus. 

There are different kinds of quality assessment techniques for properties. These include visual assessments (looking at the external state of things) and the examination of structures using a suitable instrument. With both approaches, however, the assessor needs to have a rating and reporting system, to record their observations.

In this blog post, we will explain why quality assessments should be a vital part of all facility management operations.

Building condition assessment


Building condition assessments give you a clear view of the well-being of your building. All infrastructure deteriorates and requires maintenance and care. Conducting a quality assessment informs you of where your building fitness management may be lacking. That way you can address them.


Maintenance and lifetime value of property


Maintenance is a necessary part of property ownership. Conducting regular quality checks ensures you prioritise regular maintenance for your building’s systems and structures.

Making this a part of your facility management priority list helps you identify issues quicker. Thus, you can deal with them without raising any complaints from occupants or tenants

Of course, implementing regular checks and fixes means you maintain, if not improve, your building’s standard. You secure your property investment and enhance the property lifetime value.


Find, track and fix issues quicker


The reporting and documentation process of your quality assessment is just as important as the inspection itself. You need to find a method of tracking issues and fixes. This ensures that you address these issues and have a way of monitoring the progress of fixes, maintenance costs, and areas still needing improvement. 

Use a digital quality management platform to centralise reports. This enables you to manage everything on your mobile or any digital device. You will enjoy easy management and information access. In addition, you get the convenience of automated reports and real-time data updates. 

With your information and data in one place, you can make informed and sustainable decisions about your facilities. The data collected gives you a holistic, comprehensive view. This is an invaluable benefit for long-term or future planning.


Concrete data


Quality assessments also enable you to make choices based on concrete data and detailed reports. This provides the opportunity for strategic planning for improvements. 

It also promotes smart risk management and compliance. There are regulations governing building safety and quality that can cost you plenty if you do not abide by them.


Final Thoughts


Facilities require continuous and consistent care and management. This is important for keeping your facility up to standards. And, it ensures a positive tenant experience.  

Quality assessments are very important for the care and management of your facilities. They ensure the viability and long-term safety of your investment. 

With a proper management platform, you can run efficient and beneficial assessments that contribute to safer and better quality facilities.

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