Safety Effects of Property Maintenance

The effect that property maintenance has on the safety of the users of the property is unquestionable. It is easy to come up with examples of the positive safety effects that successful property maintenance has. Functioning lightning, timely sanding, clean waste disposal, structures without filth, and well-marked technology significantly reduce the risk of accidents. The effect extends to incidents, where something has already gone wrong, such as fires, water damage, and injuries.

The foundation for all safety work is in good planning, which can be done by implementing VUCA, for example. To acknowledge safety issues in the building management’s annual operating plan is part of taking safety measures. Here is a concise list to be integrated into the processes of property maintenance:

1. Sanding, de-icing, and snow removal within 24 hours (depending on the situation)

a. Reduces the probability of slipping

2. Changing the broken lights immediately (during the property rounds)

a. Reduces the probability of accidents
b. Makes exiting the property and rescue operations easier
c. Reduces the probability of fire

3. Checking the condition of the property signs and fixing them (when needed, survey done annually)

a. Address signs make it easier for the rescue unit to find its way.
b. When the information about property maintenance and property supervisor is visibly marked, the information is easier to find in problem situations
c. Signs for safety engineering devices make it easier to find them when needed

4. The upkeep of tidiness (during the property rounds)

a. Reduces the probability of vandalism
b. Reduces the probability of fire
c. Reduces the probability of accidents and slipping

5. Fixing the broken locks (when needed)

a. Reduces the probability of thefts and vandalism

6. The upkeep of air raid shelter (annually)

a. Enables the protection in exceptional situations

7. Maintenance of property technical devices (according to the manufacturer’s instructions or legislation)

a. Reduces the probability of fire
b. Reduces the probability of water damage
c. Reduces the probability of any other safety hazards that are caused by hardware failures

The majority of building management’s safety measures are covered by this 7-point list. I recommend that you add these procedures as applicable in your maintenance program and its associated contracts.

Property safety is the core competence of our company. Don't hesitate contacting us for more details - we're here for you.

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Eetu Kirsi

Chief Business Development Officer