Involve All Your Tenants To Give Feedback Today, Not Tomorrow

Providing the best service to your tenants requires you to prioritise tenant feedback and communication. Knowing what your tenants want, need and prefer is vital for good tenant service provision. If you do not place emphasis on collecting tenant feedback then you leave a gap in your communication and improvement strategies. 

Let’s take a look at why tenant feedback is important for your property business today. You can also read on for handy tips on how to create great tenant feedback channels.

Why is tenant feedback important today?


Just because tenants do not always bring issues up with you, it doesn't mean they don't have concerns or points of improvement. Without an active tenant engagement or communication strategy, you can miss out on constructive feedback and criticism. 

Tenants are likely to tell other renters about building issues. This is especially true if they don't feel that they have a channel to air these and have these formally addressed by their landlord.

Discussions passing from one tenant to another can lead to customer dissatisfaction that you cannot even address because you do not know it exists. Thus, tenant feedback is good for better tenant engagement and involvement, improved customer satisfaction, and better issue resolution.


Tips to create better feedback channels


  • Establish a tenant communication channel. Choose a digital platform that allows you to collect and respond to tenant feedback and complaints, and make important announcements. You also want to keep tenants in the loop about the progress of addressing previously reported issues.
  • Track reported issues and make sure you respond to all feedback submitted. You should do this even if you've been unable to fix the issue. Your channel is all about opening communication and getting the best input from your tenants. Tenants want to feel heard and understood, which you can achieve with a good feedback system. 
  • Make sure your tenant communication channel is accessible, timely, and that it promotes quick and easy communication. The easier it is for the tenants to use the channel, and the faster it allows you to respond, the more feedback you're likely to receive. 
  • You want to have a system that is time-sensitive and allows you to be responsive. Modern tenants are all about instant connectivity and real-time communication. This increases tenant convenience and feedback contribution. 
  • It's important to share lessons learned with your tenants. Tell them about issues brought up, and your progress and success in dealing with them. This shows your tenants that you take their input seriously and you put effort into addressing problems. 
  • Use creative and interactive feedback options. You can use online surveys like Google Forms, set up focus groups, questionnaires, quiz, etc.

Final thoughts


You can learn a lot from tenant feedback and tenant engagement strategies. Involving your tenants in your building improvement can be a fantastic tool for your commercial property management. Set up a communication channel that allows you to collect tenant data and feedback, respond quickly, and keep an eye on issues. Knowing more about your renters sets you up to create the best experience for them!

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Tenant Communication

Camilla Petersen

Country Manager, Denmark