What Are the Hottest Work Safety Topics Right Now?

Occupational safety has become a number one priority of many succeeding industrial, construction and even service companies, for all the right reasons. From boosting performance to ensuring employee well-being, workplace safety overall reduces employee turnover rate and produces content workforce. There are a lot of hot topics being discussed in the work safety departments. We have now listed the top 5 for you to get on the safety bandwagon all great employers are jumping on.


1. The rise of mobile technology

Due to the age of digital technology, most of the workers are active on their mobile phones or tablets. This trend enables employees and even service providers to provide bits of data in the form of OHS observations, near miss reports and inspections in real-time from the field making communication faster and enabling real-time management and more engaged employees.


2. Workplace bullying

The concept of workplace bullying is not new to employees; however, it is now being more actively countered than it was before. From harassment to verbal abuse and even abuse of authority, safety regulations against workplace bullying are making lives of workers more emotionally stable and overall better. To prevent bullying, make observations of it part of the overall incident and near miss reporting.


3. Big data

Most companies have started dealing with larger amounts of data. Besides the departments of marketing, finance, IT, manufacturing and sales, there are already countless applications of Big Data also in Education, Healthcare and Sports. One area where Big data is still making its way is occupational safety. To ride this wave, think of ways beyond reporting the typical injury rates and days without injury.
These are lagging indicators, not leading indicators.


4. Protection against skin cancer

For workers who constantly have to work in the sun, skin cancer can become a significant issue. These problems are now being highlighted and countered by occupational and health safety acts such as the OSHA. Through awareness, proper guidelines and reporting early signs of potential risks, these issues can be minimized or prevented altogether. For example, employer providing sunscreen usage for workers can greatly cut down skin cancer risk.


5. Disaster and crisis preparedness

The frequency of crises and disasters have increased even though the injury rates have decreased. This creates a higher pressure of safety departments to assure the workers that their organization is prepared for disaster and crisis management in times of need. This, in turn, increases the emotional safety of employees improving the quality of work and a higher level of creativity.

There are many more hot topics being pursued in the world of occupational health and safety in workplaces. Are your health and safety policies, reporting initiatives and periodic inspections taking these five trends into account? Give a comment on Twitter @planbrothers to tell us what are your Health and Safety department’s hot topics at the moment. Another hot topic is VUCA, and we have a full blog series concentrating on it.

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