How to Utilize Mobile Tools and Data for Field Observations in Shopping Centers

As security and reporting of incidents faster and better is an ongoing topic for Shopping Centers, this blog post is dedicated to how you as a Shopping Center Manager including your security staff can do just that.

Everyday shoppers come happily to the shopping centers around the country. However, sometimes incidents happen and the security staff needs to act fast in order to report them.

But reporting incidents fast can be a challenge in the daily work of a security guard in a busy shopping center.

Meet Marc, Marc is a security guard in a shopping center. And every day he is a witness to different types of incidents, such as shoplifting, violent shoppers, elderly citizens fainting, etc. Marc has to report these incidents so that his boss and the security taking shifts after him know what happened during his shift. In order to remember everything that happened, Marc makes notes on his notepad. After his shift, he makes sure to enter the incidents into the security intranet in a PC placed in the security staff office in the centre.

The reporting of Marc and his colleagues could be a lot more efficient if they had a mobile tool where they could enter incidents happening during the day, and send out police alarms when needed so that the police would arrive faster to the place of crime. As well as having real-time updates running that everyone working in the shopping center in the same shift receives in case of backup needed. In this way, Marc would also know if his assistance is needed by the cleaning staff or shop staff around the center, as they would be able to notify him via the mobile tool with their location and report of the incident.

Moreover, having a mobile tool also makes it easier for Marc as well as his boss to know if his reports have been processed by the right people, and he can follow the reports of his colleagues that were before his shifts to know if he needs to be at certain locations more during his shift. Moreover, Marc’s boss would be able to use the data from the tool to see how incidents have been handled, how many incidents have happened during the shifts, how many resources were used and how long time it took to solve them. In this way, there will always be reliable data to support legal cases, for example, shoplifting, if police involvement is needed. is a web and mobile tool created by Plan Brothers to make your incident and event reporting more time efficient and easier for your staff. It enables you and your staff to make real-time data on updates and reports of incidents happening during their working hours. In this way, you always know what happened when, where and who took care of it.

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