How To Create An Involved Safety Culture

Safety is a vital part of organisational or business management that some companies make the mistake of overlooking. Although the degrees of danger or unsafe conditions vary from workplace to workplace, overlooking safety policy can be costly. Not just to your bottom line but to the wellbeing and safety of your workers and any other stakeholders. 

But implementing safety measures in the workplace is not always easy. So how can you make sure that you are doing the right things to get your staff and stakeholders engaged in the health and safety policies?

Here are four ways to create a more involved culture of safety.

Lead By Example


Being a business leader, whether CEO or manager, means that you have employees that look to you for guidance and directives. Part of this leadership requires you to get involved and display to your employees that you also participate in sanctioned office practices.

Essentially, you need to lead from the front and by example. Show your employees how you expect them to behave.


Provide Education To Employees


To get your workers involved in your safety procedures and policy, and create a culture that prioritises safety, you need to educate them on important safety processes.  Provide training through workshops, seminars, webinars, short digital courses and the like.

The key thing is to make these sessions regular- weekly or monthly. You can get staff even more involved by getting them to present or prepare presentations for some of the sessions.

It's also important to make policy documents available to employees, digitally and physically. That way, your employees always have clear communication about the organisation's safety practices and requirements.


Communicate Effectively


You need to be able to get input from your employees to create an inclusive safety culture. Employees need a channel to report safety issues and concerns. Set up an incident reporting platform to help you keep track of ongoing safety problems, enable swift and efficient conversations, and allow for employee feedback and collaboration.


Make It Part Of Your Everyday


Your safety policies and processes shouldn't just pop up when something goes wrong in the workplace. Your safety culture needs to drive constant involvement and consistent safety awareness. This means including safety tips in the day-to-day workspace.

Send notifications to your staff via your safety management channel for things to keep in mind. Include safety news in your newsletters and company updates. Put up posters along the walls to keep everybody aware and involved.

It’s also important to celebrate safety success stories or share failures with all your employees. This promotes a culture that values and learns from failure and upholds particular standards as successful.

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Camilla Petersen

Country Manager, Denmark