Building Inspections for Health and Safety Managers

Building inspections are an important part of the work of health and safety managers. But sometimes it’s a good idea to look at new suggestions and review your inspection list. If you already know the difference between audits, inspections, assessments, and checks, it’s time to move on.

That’s why we built a list of items that you should consider when building inspections as an H&S manager. Naturally, some of the entries overlap with the responsibilities of security managers and facility managers. But for an H&S manager, these are the most important issues to consider:

1. Health and Safety Equipment

Is everyone at work using helmets and gloves? What about safety shoes?

2. Workstations

Are the tables adjustable? Are heavy lifts done in the right and healthy manner? Are there right equipment and aids available?

3. Health Care

How is occupational health care arranged? Have the employees gone through a health check?

4. Communication channels

Are communication channels being used efficiently in terms of employee communication and authoritative contacts?

5. Documentation

Are the health and safety procedures compliant?

6. Frequency of Physical Activity

Is the staff physically active and taking care of exercising enough?

7. Safety Reports

Is there enough data coming from the field? Is it well-organized? Which channels are used?

When the inspection list is in line, the next step to consider is choosing the best software for inspections and making a decision whether SaaS is more suitable than a bespoke app. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the ultimate goal of health and safety and learn why positive observations are extremely valuable.

If you want to broaden your understanding around the health and safety topic, check out our new blog series about the VUCA framework. If you want to read a real-life story on how a simple mobile tool streamlined the inspections at a publicly traded company, get the Fortum case study FREE today:

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