Building Inspections for Facility Managers

Building inspections is a familiar task for facility managers. But sometimes it’s a good idea to look at new suggestions and review your inspection list. If you already know the difference between audits, inspections, assessments, and checks, it’s time to move on.

That’s why we built a list of items that you should consider when building inspections as a facility manager. Naturally, some of the entries overlap with the responsibilities of security managers and health and safety managers. But for a facility manager, these are the most important issues to consider:

1. Cleanliness

Is the facility clean and orderly? Is cleaning completed the way it should be?

2. Infrastructure

Are the crucial elements in shape and working impeccably?

3. Lighting

Are there broken bulbs? Does everyone get to see some light at work?

4. Electricity

Is there electricity where it’s needed? And the electrical works are safely done?

5. Heating

Is the temperature in line with recommendations and consumption?

6. Doors and locks

We don’t want unwelcome surprise guests, do we?

7. Windows

It’s always great to have proper windows, especially in colder climates. But make sure there’s no temperature leakage or broken glass.

8. Facility Reports

Is there enough data coming from the field? Is it well-organized? Which channels are used?

When the inspection list is in line, the next step to consider is choosing the best software for inspections and making a decision whether SaaS is more suitable than a bespoke app.

It’s also a good idea to look at the most important features of a facility audit software and understand why a tablet is the new best friend of a facility manager.

When you have a clear inspection list, you are in addition, automatically beginning to implement VUCA in your strategic processes. Learn more about the term and why it matters to your job and company in VUCA - The Beginning.

If you have another point to add to this list, please, feel free to comment on Twitter @PlanBrothers. We appreciate the feedback. Also, don't hesitate contacting us for more details - we're here for you.

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